Welcome to Shadows from the Dark

This is my newest foray into DMing. It has been awhile, but I am not alone as I have to of my closest friends along for the ride.

This is a Forgotten Realms, 3.5 edition Dungeons and Dragons campaign. Set in and around Tethyr, the Lake of Steam and their surrounding areas. We are running races/ class combos and prestiges classes from the Players Handbook, Complete series, Dungeon Masters Guide. Other options may be available with approval. So far it has been a blast, but as with most of us we are no longer teenagers with nothing better to do than play D&D. There have been a few hangups and we have been struggling to find more players. But, as long as we get to play everyonce in awhile its a win fo us.

I have never relied heavily on the web to accent or assist my campaigns/ adventures before. So I am extremely new at this portion of the experience.
Feel free to look around.

- DotR

Shadows from the Dark

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