Shadows from the Dark

A2: Streets, Sewers, Wererats and Assasins?

Second Adventure


In this adventure, Syncara and Raven meet Crylus Cloudblade. A world wise elf that helps them find lodging and necessary supplies and vendors within the walls of Darromar. They also are introduced to Semmemon the wizard, ex-zhent officer and onetime ruler of Darkhold.

Their encounters here range from Zanelorn vau Daleth the Champion of Waterdeep and high Cleric of Selune to Tresk Shieldbender, the dwarven smithy.

They find out what the interior of a Darromar jail smells like and how the local court systems operate due to a following a young man into the sewers to fins his brother (who is actually a wererat). Here things go south quickly as the battle rages between the heroes and the Wererat and his minions. It ends quickly as the wererat dies and the young man angrily those a droped shortsword at the party. The weapon strikes Crylus piercing his side. He retaliates quickly and lobs the head off the upset human. He apologizes to Syncara and Raven and then uses a small bit of magic to escape, right before the town guard arrives.



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